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Why I didn’t set New Year’s Resolutions

A resolution by definition is a finite commitment and resolve to do or not do something. This kind of decision making rarely works in my experience. Reason why? It’s a massive step to make. Going from black to white, completely cold turkey (no Christmas puns intended)

Our brains rarely work that way – although we like to think they do. Our brains don’t like to be told we can’t do something EVER AGAIN or for a whole year. I don’t know about you but for me you tell me I can’t do something and I want to do it a whole lot more. By focusing on what we can’t or shouldn’t do we focus wayyy more energy on it and believe me what you focus on you create.

Instead I’ve set some goals and directions to move in, knowing where I want to be this time next year.

I set these goals using the age old SMART acronym:

S – specific

M- measurable

A – achievable

R – realistic

T – timely

If I set goals that are vague, airy and completely insane or irrelevant at no point am I going to feel like I have a hope in hell of achieving them or feel particularly motivated.

So my goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and with a time frame.

This way I can then break down these ‘end results’ into steps and chunks to work on everyday.

Then I know that if something doesn’t happen on it’s deadline I still know I’m moving in the right direction. Your success isn’t always about achieving these goals but instead by the congruent consistent actions you’re taking towards them. If you aren’t really doing it – do you even really want it?

Finally, the only way you will ever move in the direction of your goals is having a big fat why.

A reason that trumps all excuses. A motivation that sets you ON FIRE. More to come on this in my next blog ..


Superfox x

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