Tricep Workout

Give this tricep workout a go from Tim!

This session focuses solely on the triceps, so if you want to train them with your biceps or another body part, then just reduce the total number of sets per exercise.

Before starting the session ensure that you are properly warmed up, properly hydrated and had sufficient nutrition to fuel this workout! Unless stated perform each rep with a 3010 tempo & rest between 60-120 seconds between sets! The numbers in brackets are the number of reps to aim for each set, so adjust the weights accordingly! DB = Dumbbell   BB = Barbell

A) Machine Tricep Pushdown (4×10) – 5010 tempo

Press the hands down lifting the weight for 1 second, then lower the weight back down for a count a 5. If your gym does not have a tricep pushdown machine then go for parallel bar dips instead.

B) Cable Rope Pushdown (20/15/12/10)

Aim to increase the weight each set, as the rep number is reduced. Rotate your palms to face the floor at the bottom of each rep.

C) Standing Overhead DB Tricep Extension (3×12)

Hold one DB behind your head then extend your arms pressing the DB overhead. Perform these seated if you feel your lower back becoming uncomfortable during this exercise.

D1) Reverse Grip Cable Straight Bar Pushdown (3×15)

Grip bar shoulder width apart with palms facing up and keep elbows close to your side throughout the movement.

Superset with…

D2) Bench Dips (3xAMRAP) 

Perform as many reps as possible each set with good form.

Give the workout a go and let me know how you get on.


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