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Tracking Progress

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Tracking progress in all of LIFE 


This is how to do it! 


1. Set SMART goals 


S – Specific 

M – Measurable 

A – Achieveable 

R – Realistic 

T – Timely 


2. If your goals follow the practice above they are easy to track! 


Use a book or spreadsheet to write down what these goals are. 


3. Journal your feelings and thoughts daily! Emptying out all the emotional

Baggage can help up free up the mind to focus on the goal! 


4. Weekly measure your progress! If this is a physique transformation don’t just use the scales! Take photos, measurements and use items of clothing! 


5. Monthly – review if your goals are still

On track! Have you been in the right mindset and been focused? 


6. Reset and go again! 


Tracking helps us work out if we’re on the right path! Without tracking we’re always guessing and we don’t actually know if we’re moving in the right direction! Even if it’s small! 


If you need help with tracking your progress drop me a DM!

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