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The “who cares what you bench” Chest Workout

Incline DB Hex Press

Give this chest workout a go to make sure you hit your pecs from all angles.

We know how much everyone loves to hit a big chest session, but we are all about the quality of the movement rather than the actual weight shifted when it comes to growing the chest. So leave that “how much can you bench” ethos at the door and lets hit the pecs with some exercises focusing on tempo and technique to yield some great muscle tissue growth.


A) Incline DB Press (15/12/10/8) – 3010 Tempo

Use a tempo of 3 seconds to lower the weight and 1 second to lift the weight. Set bench to a 30 degree incline. Keep your back in contact with the bench throughout the movement. Bring the dumbbells together as you press them vertically above your chest. Rest for 60 seconds between sets.

B) Plate Loaded Chest Press (3x 10 drop 10 drop 10) – 3010 Tempo – Double drop set

Use a normal machine chest press if your gym does not have a plate loaded one. Perform 10 reps with good form, technique and tempo to failure, then reduce the weight by 40-60% and perform a second set of approximately 10 reps and then reduce the weight one final time and perform 10 reps. Aim to complete a total of 30 reps over the double drop set. Don’t rest during the drop sets, but rest for 90 seconds after each completed double drop set.


C1) Decline Cable Flyes (3x 12-15) – 3011 Tempo

Hold the cables together at the end of the movement for 1 second on each rep to get a good squeeze in your chest. Set the cables to the top position and bring your hands down and together as you lift the weight. The angle at your elbow should not change throughout the movement and your hands should end around waist height at the bottom.

C2) Explosive Press Ups (3x AMRAP) – As Many Reps As Possible

Start in a narrow press up position between 2 steps/boxes. Perform a narrow press up and explode out of it lifting hands of the floor and land with hands on the steps. Perform a press up with hands on the step, followed by jumping hands back to start position.


D1) Slight Incline DB Flyes (3x 12-15) – 2020 Tempo

Set bench to a shallow incline, around 15 degrees. Keep a slight bend at the elbows at you lower and lift the dumbbells.

D2) Slight Incline DB Hex Press (3x 16-20) – 2020 Tempo

Hold dumbbells together above chest with palms facing in. Keep dumbbells touching throughout movement lower them to chest and then press them vertically back to start position.



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