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My watch is pretty cool but that’s not what I mean by NEAT. I am instead referring to Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This means your basal metabolic rate, the calories burned by the food you eat and your general day to day activity. Sometimes when looking to lose fat people focus so much on the calorie input they forget about the output. We sometimes feel like we’re super active but in reality we’re usually hugely over estimating. Steps can be a fantastic indicator of general activity and new smart watches can be a great tool to do this and track NEAT.

NEAT includes everything considered not working out. So everything from standing up drinking coffee to fidgeting at your desk. By increasing our NEAT we can increase our calorie output without making huge changes to our workouts or having to decrease our food as much – WIN WIN!

In my experience, step count is a great way to keep up activity outside of our workouts. I give my clients step count targets. This means there aren’t endless hours of cardio, maybe just totting up a morning or lunchtime stroll catching up on an audio or even social media. It makes being more active far easier and allows for more calories and who doesn’t want more food?!