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Legs In A Hurry

Walking Dumbbell Lunge

Short on time, but need to train legs? Give this workout a go!

4 exercises, 2 supersets, 20 sets in total….simple:



A1) Leg Extension – 5 x 15 reps

A2) Lying Leg Curl – 5 x 15 reps

Rest for 45 – 60 seconds after completing a set of lying leg curls, before starting the next superset.



B1) 45 Degree Leg Press – 5 x 15 reps

B2) Walking Dumbbell Lunge – 5 x 14 reps per leg

Rest for 45 – 60 seconds after completing a set of walking dumbbell lunges, before starting the next superset.


In a rush and need to make the workout even quicker? To make this workout even faster to complete, but still challenging simply reduce the set number to 3 per exercise and remove the rest periods between each superset. So you will only rest after completing all 3 sets of each exercise in Superset 1!


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