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Injuries – they suck.

Being out of training or even out of physical activity due to in injury can be more than annoying, it can be downright depressing. Even as a non professional athlete of any kind I (Lucy) have struggled so much with niggling injuries for the last 18 months and the knock on effect is now I am banned from lifting weights for 3-6 months. It’s been quite hard to take but equally I am now finally under the rehab programme I need to get back to full health.

If you’re injured as hard as it seems to focus on the positive – ESPECIALLY when its painful! There is always a positive outlook to be found. For me it has enabled me to realise I can’t abuse my body by doing everything to such extremes and be healthy. It has empowered me to come back when I can and respect the body I live in.

In addition, the time away from the gym which when we add it up can amount to 2 hours a day when considering training, recovery and cardio has given me more time to work on my personal growth and my businesses. I also know that going through this injury has made me acutely more aware of the importance of spinal health with my clients.

I think however, my biggest lesson and learning point from this injury time is just how interconnected your bones, muscles and nerves are on your hormonal balance and on your mindset. For me the acute pain in my lower back caused me no end of miserable moods and once my mid-back had been adjusted I no longer had digestive issues that had returned after 2 years. So believe me when I say that niggle in your hip probably isn’t just a niggle and for all you know might be connected to your mood …  The nerves in the spine are like the messengers from the brain to the rest of the body and if the spine is compromised the spinal cord and neurons that control everything are too!

So I will end it here by saying yes I feel incredibly frustrated to not be training, I will probably never do another burpee jump in my life and I may always be in maintenance. However, I am grateful for the lessons and I know this setback in my personal goals has allowed me to progress professionally, and to become a better coach.

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