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Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals that the body requires in small amounts to function optimally. To ensure you get adequate micronutrients from your diet make sure you eat a variety of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.


Supplements (e.g. vitamins, green powders) can be taken if you diet is lacking particular vitamins or minerals.


This is what the major vitamins and minerals do:


Vitamin A – sometimes called Retinol has a few jobs which include helping Vision in darkness, keeping the skin and membranes healthy and supporting your immune system.

Vitamin A can be converted from foods high in Beta-Carotene.


Vitamin B – there are 8 types of vitamin B! B vitamins in general are responsible for energy production from food and supporting the nervous system and helping the body produce healthy blood cells.


Vitamin C – helps to protect cells and maintains everything from healthy skin to bones! It’s also super important for helping with inflammation and healing!


Vitamin D – keeps bones, muscles, teeth and mood healthy! Vitamin D is super important for this! Try to get as much UVA protected sunlight as possible and in the winter check your mood to see if a supplement might be needed!


Vitamin E – again for healthy skin hair and eyes and to support our immune system!


Vitamin K – needed for blood clotting and bone health!


Minerals – these include calcium, magnesium, Iodine, selenium and other trace minerals we need in tiny quantities. Calcium is great for bone health and detoxification! Magnesium for relaxation and cell hydration improving recovery, Iodine and selenium for thyroid health and things like chromium for blood sugar!


When adding vitamins and minerals decide carefully. Multi-vitamins are convenient but often contain more than our recommended daily amount of some of these which can cause imbalances. I would suggest focusing on a nutrient rich diet full of colour and varied sources of proteins fats and carbs and reviewing your energy levels! Then discuss with a nutritional or healthcare practitioner!



💦 Our bodies are made up of approx 65% water! The rest is mass made up of fat muscle and bone


💦 Our blood which transports all nutrients is made up of water! 


💦 You excrete water through sweat, breathing and bowel movements and so we need to keep replenishing! 


💦 Average figures state we need to drink 2 litres per day for a female but in my experience it’s more like 4 for an active person! 


My reasons for this are: 

💧 A hydrated body is one that is mentally energised 

💧A hydrated body is flushing toxins and waste regularly limiting bacterial and yeast build up 

💧 A hydrated body is flushing lactic acid and supporting nutrient delivery to tissue / muscle after a workout 

💧 A hydrated body doesn’t need to eat as much – we are often thirsty rather than hungry! 


My top tips for increasing water intake: 

💧 Buy a re-useable water bottle – BPA free or glass if appropriate 

💧 Fill it with filtered water and aim for 3-4l per day 

💧 Use a Himalayan pink salt pinch with each refill or use a balanced hydration formula once a day as plain water does not hydrate the tissues or retain fluids for what it needs aswell without minerals 

💧 Add cucumber or lemon / lime or berries to your water to add low calorie flavour