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200 Rep – Press Up Pull Up Challenge

press up pull up challenge

Now this is a simple one that will get your lunges blowing and chest/back pumped in seconds! All you have to do is perform 200 reps in one go – Simple!

The rules are straight forward…

Reach a total of 200 reps as fast as you can by only performing press ups and pull ups. Perform as many press ups as you can in one go, then go straight into pull ups. Then go straight back into press ups, then pull ups and repeat this cycle until you reach a total of 200 reps of both exercises combined.

For the press ups go for hand just over shoulder width apart and for the pull ups go for an overhand grip just over shoulder width.

Check out Tim’s go at the challenge:

200 REP PRESS UP PULL CHALLENGE VIDEOpress up pull up challenge

Chest Workout

Give this chest workout a go from Tim!

Before starting the session ensure that you are properly warmed up, properly hydrated and had sufficient nutrition to fuel this workout! Unless stated perform each rep with a 3010 tempo & rest between 60-120 seconds between sets! The numbers in brackets are the number of reps to aim for each set, so adjust the weights accordingly!

A) Flat BB Chest Press (4/6/10/15)

You should be starting off with the heaviest weight on the bar for set 1, then reducing the weight each set. Make sure you perform a couple of warm up sets up to about 70% of your starting weight!

B) Incline Plate Loaded Press (4×10)

I am a big fan of using resistance bands on this exercise to prevent the reps from feeling easier at the top of one!

C) Incline Cable Flye (4×12)

Set the bench to a 45 degree angle between 2 wide cables. Set the cables to the lowest setting  and focus on bringing the handles directly above your chest!

D1) Machine Flye (3×15) – 1 second hold

Add in a 1 second hold at the end of each rep and focus on fully contracting your chest as you hold the weight!

Superset with:

D2) Machine Chest Press (3×15)

Nothing fancy about this exercise, just give it everything you’ve got to complete the session!


Let me know how you get on.



How’s work going? Stressful? 


How’s home life? Stressful? 


How’s training / diet? Stressful? 


How’s the commute or the school run or the housework? Stressful? 


We all have to deal with so much ‘stress’ that our bodies weren’t designed for. 


Stress in all forms will lower your immune system and increase the output of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the adrenaline hormone which was designed to protect us when we got into danger by raising our adrenaline, heart rate and senses but now we have this hormone pumping because we’re late, we have 100 emails or the kids made a mess. 


Cortisol is also the hormone that gets us up in the morning and sets our circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. 


The challenge with chronic stress is one of two things is happening to us all the time. 

1. We are constantly releasing cortisol so our bodies don’t know which way is up and therefore when is time to sleep and when is time to wake up. 

2. We are so ‘burnt out’ from high stress our bodies stop releasing cortisol in the amount we need and then we’re tired all the time so we then throw in loads of caffeine and that messes up number 1 even more … 


So my top tips (note I’m a realist – you can’t eradicate stress!) 


1. 1-2 shots of coffee a day at least an hour after rising 

2. Use other sources of energy such as b-vits, green tea, match and turmeric for a healthier boost 

3. Hit me up for a fizz stick sample 

4. Breathe. In and out when you’re having a moment and feel your heart rate come back down. 

5. Exercise – not the must kill myself by working out type – general activity – walking, yoga or even just some body weight work. 

6. Time out – 5 minutes listening to music or an Audio book in the car or at home will

Make a difference! 

7. No caffeine after 5pm and lights low and night mode an hour before bed. We use all

Lamps in my house. 

8. Never hit the snooze button. Get up no matter how groggy you are – give it a few days and it will make a difference! 

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