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How to get motivated on a new diet or fitness plan


How to get motivated on a new diet or fitness regime

When we do anything in life we do it for a reason. From brushing your teeth to driving to work there is a reason. That reason varies, in the instance of these examples you don’t want bad breath and you gotta pay the bills …

But when we want to make changes or take actions everyday towards something bigger, better or new something that is not ‘necessary’ to our survival physically or financially it can be hard to motivate and mobilise ourselves for a number of reasons:


  1. Patterns and Habits – we are creatures of habit. Our sub-conscious minds store repeat patterns to make our day to day actions easier. Our mind remembers what actions follow another, we call these triggers e.g ‘I feel tired must have coffee’ ‘ I feel stressed, I’ll have a biscuit’. These triggers are the hardest battles we face when starting any new regime. Much like an old video tape, we can’t erase the patterns and triggers we already have, we can only overwrite them. Creating new patterns and habits can take anywhere from 21 to 60 days which is why fat loss diets and challenges are usually created in these timeframes. During this timeframe having support is so crucial to making sure you stay on track in order to install these new habits!
  2. Emotionally we seek comfort. The human brains want to keep us in a place of happy! We are taught sometimes from children that to soothe feelings of discomfort we turn to external support in the form of food, and as we grow older alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs can also play a part in buffering these bad feelings. Unless we learn to deal with our emotions head on we will always turn to comfort food, drink etc SO when we start any kind of new bigger goal we are going to face adversity and this is where a support network can be AMAZING as well as opening up to personal growth and dealing with the issues themselves.
  3. Your why isn’t strong enough. Making a big lifestyle change is a decision with a huge impact on all areas and often ripples into all areas of your life. You have to be ready for this. To be ready you need to know WHY you are doing it and know that your why is bigger than other people’s comments, bigger than your own excuses and has a bigger impact in your life by achieving it than not! Examples include finally losing 12st because the doctor gave you a death date is a bigger why than needing to lose a few lbs to be a size 10 ..


So in conclusion, it’s no wonder why committing to a new plan can be super challenging! This is why in our experience surrounding yourself with the right people, having the support of a coach or mentor and really opening up to WHY you are making the change.

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What is a reverse diet?

A reverse diet is quite simply the reverse of a diet. In most conventional diet scenarios calories are reduced and calories output (e.g exercise) increased in a bid to burn body fat and get leaner! A reverse diet is instead the increasing of calories and decreasing of activity but in a bid to maintain body composition or minimal fat gain.

The purpose behind a reverse diet is to help slowly increase the metabolism after a long period of restriction or hyper activity such as a diet for a physique competition or body goal. During the dieting period our metabolism and hormonal systems naturally down regulate to compensate for reduced calories. A reverse diet helps increase the output of these systems gradually.

Where a reverse diet is not followed often a case of extreme rebound in weight and/or water retention can happen. In addition it can also be much harder for the person to get/stay lean following a rebound.

We also recommend a reverse diet in a scenario where a person has been following a long term low calorie diet with/without training.

Although weight loss does depend on a caloric deficit, it is important to ensure when we begin a process of getting leaner we have a good calorie baseline to begin with, or we can end up in a dangerously low calorie scenario in a bid to achieve this deficit.

Our Nutrition Calculator will give you a good calorie baseline and will recommend if you need to reverse diet. If you have been recommended to reverse diet, then we strongly suggest you do this  and increase your calories before ‘cutting’. In our experience this can lead to improvements in health, energy, motivation and longer term fat loss and body composition maintenance.

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