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Alcohol and Fat Loss

Alcohol in any form can be fabulous fun and tastes pretty good (except tequila – who likes tequila?!) but alcohol can be a huge stressor on the body and is quite calorie dense.

So when looking at making a body transformation consider what an impact drinking can have. I think we all assume that a few drinks here or there won’t make a difference. But what we underestimate is the calories in the drink itself and then what we eat after as result of being a bit merry.

Alcohol contains more than 7 cals per gram and also in the case of cocktails and some wines contains a vast amount of sugar. When looking to lose body fat a caloric deficit is required, not only will alcohol cause calories to add up quickly it also increases appetite and loosens inhibitions meaning you’re far more likely to eat a non-optimal food choice increasing your calories further.

Also, although alcohol has a similar effect on your body as carbohydrate unfortunately it doesn’t store as glycogen and instead has to be used as the fuel source before the body can return to fat burning therefore further delaying the fat loss process.

In addition, alcohol does put stress on the liver, kidneys and stomach causing other issues such as dehydration and longer term have impact on the gut flora and the liver’s ability to process toxins.

Alcohol is one of life’s pleasures to be enjoyed so our top tip as we head into the festive season is to try to choose lower calorie and lower sugar drinks such as pure spirit with a low sugar mixer or opt to stick to deep reds and dry whites over cocktails to reduce the load!