Team Superfox is all of the girls under the care of Lucy Superfox Walton, in pursuit of changing their physique. Clients work with Lucy on a 1:1 basis for all nutritional and fitness programming and optional additional mindset coaching.

Lucy designs bespoke training and nutrition plans that work on the clients goals and their weaknesses.

Lucy is extremely passionate about educating clients on how to eat and learning a flexible approach to nutrition whilst working with the client on their lifestyle patterns.

 To enquire further about 1:1 coaching and being part of Team Superfox contact Lucy –



Superfox Bootcamps are open to non coaching clients too! These are targeted at females and held monthly in Sutton, Surrey.

These bootcamps are an intensive group training session with Lucy and where relevant also include some posing or a short seminar topic voted on before the day!

To join a Bootcamp contact Lucy –


Lucy also offers independent mindset coaching. This coaching is targeted at individuals who are looking to change the way they think – not just about food but about life. Lucy works with both men and women on monthly reading and exercises to really challenge mindset and move your personal development forward at a faster pace! This includes monthly coaching calls in groups and 1:1.

 To find out more contact Lucy –


“Lucy has been a brilliant coach for my holiday prep, helping me from across the globe to reach my goals. We are still in the process with a couple of weeks to go, but so far I am more than happy with all of her help and guidance, and would recommend her to ANYONE who wants an amazing prep!”

 – Tiff –

“I can’t fault the experience I had with Lucy as my prep coach. Week by week she tweaked and changed my programme so it was specifically tailored to my body and lifestyle. As opposed to some other coaches approach that ‘one plan fits all’, Lucy really takes the time to analyse your progress week by week to get you to the best shape possible. Without her knowledge and expertise there is no way I would have placed second in my first ever time on stage! She got my to my physical peak, feeling health and amazing. Cant recommend her highly enough!”

 – Jess –

“My Journey with Lucy started in June 2016 after a mutual friend recommended her, I was training but just “winging it”, eating an amount that I thought was right but really had no idea. As you can imagine everything was completely wrong, my 1200 calories a day and made up training plan was not sustainable or healthy. Lucy soon fixed my diet and got me training properly, slowly over the months and though brutal PT sessions my body changed and outlook improved, I now have a much healthier relationship with food.

Lucy is undeniably special, she is in another league both as a coach and an incredibly driven Entrepreneur. She is strict but supportive, she pushes you to the limit during PT sessions and it may feel like you’re having a near death experience most times but its absolutely worth every minute. Lucy is always honest being good, bad or indifferent she will tell you as it is with no holds barred. She has the ability to switch between the Pro’s and general population (like me) in an instant and personalises everything to fit your goals. The diet and training plans are individually created with you in mind you won’t find any generic cut and paste here. Lucy will get your mind in the right place and motivate you to be the best version of you, I think the biggest difference for me is that Lucy has a genuine interest in your success in and out of the gym.

 The collection of trophy winners as clients speaks for itself this girl gets results. Im proud to say Lucy is both a friend and coach. “

 – Ryan –


“I have worked with Lucy for 3 competitions now – she’s just been amazing! She’s got me in the best shape of my life, I’ve won 2 trophies and got my pro card – there is no way I could’ve achieved this without her knowledge and support. I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and training and have never eaten so much in my life!”

 – Laura –

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