Shoulder Workout - CHASE PERFECTION

Shoulder Workout

Give this shoulder workout a go from Tim!

Before starting the session ensure that you are properly warmed up, properly hydrated and had sufficient nutrition to fuel this workout! Unless stated perform each rep with a 3010 tempo & rest between 60-120 seconds between sets! The numbers in brackets are the number of reps to aim for each set, so adjust the weights accordingly!

A) Smith Machine Shoulder Press – In Front (12/10/8/6)

Set the bench to a very steep incline, one setting off from vertical. Try to increase the weight on the bar each set.

B1) Machine Lat Raise – Arms Bent (3×10)

Perform a set with elbows at approximately 90 degrees holding handles with a heavier weight. Then reduce the weight and perform lat raises with your arms straight.

B2) Machine Lat Raise – Arms Straight (3×10) & (1×20)

Focus on keeping constant tension on the outer part of your shoulders (medial deltoids) throughout each rep. Finish with a 4th set of just straight arm raises.

C) Plate Loaded Shoulder Press (4×10)

If you gym does not have a plate loaded shoulder press then use a regular shoulder press machine. In this particular workout I used a Hammer Strength shoulder press.

D1) Incline DB Reverse Flye (4×12)

Perform holding handles with a hammer grip (palms facing in).

Superset with…

D2) Standing DB Lat Raise (4×20)

Keep your arms almost straight for each set and keep your traps relaxed.

Let me know how you get on.


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