Leg Press

Give this leg workout a go to shock your quadriceps & hamstrings into growth.

Starting off with lower reps using heavier weights and progressively increasing the reps through the session allows you to target different muscle fibers and maximal muscle stimulation.

Push yourself to failure on every set and by failure we mean that you cannot complete another rep without breaking correct form.

Keep the tempo to 3:0:1:0 for every exercise, so lower the weight for a count of 3 and lift the weight for one.


The Workout:

A) Leg Press (4×6) 

Focus on driving through your heels as you push the weight. Keep knees in line with your toes throughout.

B) DB Bulgarian Split Squat (4×8-10) 

Rest your back leg on a bench and focus on using your front to lift the weights.

C1) KB Front Squat (3×12-15)

Hold a kettlebell at chest height and keep chest upright as you squat down.

Superset with..
C2) Angled Walking Lunge (3×12-15)

Step out at an angle for each lunge, alternating legs each rep.

D1) DB Romanian Deadlifts – Feet together (3×16-20) 

Superset with..
D2) Jump Squat (3×16-20)

Squat down to right angles and jump up as high as possible.


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