💦 Our bodies are made up of approx 65% water! The rest is mass made up of fat muscle and bone


💦 Our blood which transports all nutrients is made up of water! 


💦 You excrete water through sweat, breathing and bowel movements and so we need to keep replenishing! 


💦 Average figures state we need to drink 2 litres per day for a female but in my experience it’s more like 4 for an active person! 


My reasons for this are: 

💧 A hydrated body is one that is mentally energised 

💧A hydrated body is flushing toxins and waste regularly limiting bacterial and yeast build up 

💧 A hydrated body is flushing lactic acid and supporting nutrient delivery to tissue / muscle after a workout 

💧 A hydrated body doesn’t need to eat as much – we are often thirsty rather than hungry! 


My top tips for increasing water intake: 

💧 Buy a re-useable water bottle – BPA free or glass if appropriate 

💧 Fill it with filtered water and aim for 3-4l per day 

💧 Use a Himalayan pink salt pinch with each refill or use a balanced hydration formula once a day as plain water does not hydrate the tissues or retain fluids for what it needs aswell without minerals 

💧 Add cucumber or lemon / lime or berries to your water to add low calorie flavour 


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