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GVT Inspired Leg Workout

Narrow foot leg press

Give this GVT inspired leg workout a go from Tim!

GVT (German Volume Session) is a technique where you perform 10 sets of 10 reps with the same weight. This has been performed in this workout on the leg press with 2 different foot positions.

Before starting the session ensure that you are properly warmed up, properly hydrated and had sufficient nutrition to fuel this workout! Unless stated perform each rep with a 3010 tempo & rest between 60-120 seconds between sets! The numbers in brackets are the number of reps to aim for each set, so adjust the weights accordingly!

A) 45 Degree Leg Press – Normal Foot Position (5×10)

Place feet hip width apart in the middle of the platform, so you work both your quads and hamstrings evenly. Try to keep the weight the same for all 5 sets.

B) 45 Degree Leg Press – Narrow Foot Position (5×10)

Place feet together in the middle of the platform. This will hit the outer sweep of your thighs. Reduce the weight from the weight used on the normal foot position leg press.

C1) Glute Ham Raise (4×12)

Ideally you will use a GHR (Glute Ham Raise) machine for this exercise. If you’re gym doesn’t have one of these, then you can often perform this exercise on a lat pulldown machine…facing away from the machine, with your knees on the pad and heels under the knee pads.

Superset with…

C2) Leg Extension – Feet Together (4×20)

Try to keep your thighs and feet together throughout each rep.

D) Walking DB Lunges (4×24) – 12 per leg

Grap a pair of dumbbells and lunge for 24 steps or 12 steps in one direction and 12 back. Keep your chest and back upright throughout the set.

Let me know how you get on.


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