To be honest I don’t see the point in decaf. I think you can totally taste the difference.

To me coffee is something I drink for pleasure not for necessity.

The key here is what do you use it for?

Coffee tastes great but if you drink it other than black these are the calories you’re consuming:

Medium Cappuccino: 150

Medium Latte: 190

This isn’t an issue if it’s factored into your allowance but I see so many people drinking their calories in lattes rather than good food.

My second point is caffeine consumption. Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant and can be used to help wake us up and focus. However, over time we can become dependent and our bodies adrenal glands can slow down as they are ‘not needed’ OR we have worked them so hard with stress (see other post) they can’t do anything. Caffeine CAN play a big part in slower metabolisms and tiredness despite its fat loss claims.

So as always I say enjoy in moderation but learn to be more mindful of what and why you’re drinking it!

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