💦 Our bodies are made up of approx 65% water! The rest is mass made up of fat muscle and bone


💦 Our blood which transports all nutrients is made up of water! 


💦 You excrete water through sweat, breathing and bowel movements and so we need to keep replenishing! 


💦 Average figures state we need to drink 2 litres per day for a female but in my experience it’s more like 4 for an active person! 


My reasons for this are: 

💧 A hydrated body is one that is mentally energised 

💧A hydrated body is flushing toxins and waste regularly limiting bacterial and yeast build up 

💧 A hydrated body is flushing lactic acid and supporting nutrient delivery to tissue / muscle after a workout 

💧 A hydrated body doesn’t need to eat as much – we are often thirsty rather than hungry! 


My top tips for increasing water intake: 

💧 Buy a re-useable water bottle – BPA free or glass if appropriate 

💧 Fill it with filtered water and aim for 3-4l per day 

💧 Use a Himalayan pink salt pinch with each refill or use a balanced hydration formula once a day as plain water does not hydrate the tissues or retain fluids for what it needs aswell without minerals 

💧 Add cucumber or lemon / lime or berries to your water to add low calorie flavour 


Eating Out Top Tips

1. Water – order water and drink a full glass before looking at the menu. Not only are you less likely to order a sugary cocktail or soft drink because you’re no longer as thirsty but you will likely help suppress any crazy hunger pangs helping make the next stage a bit easier!


2. Starters – have a starter. Yep you heard me because I can guarantee you, you will eat twice as many calories in bread and oil! Order something protein based or really flavoursome to keep you satisfied! 


3. Protein – pick a meal with a protein as the base such as – Chicken Breast / Salmon Fillet / Steak / Skewers or for our vegetarians a pulse based dish


4. Sides – Choose the side that will fill you up the most! Mixed veggies is my go to favourite and then ask for it to be steamed and if you must have butter or oil dress it yourself after! 


5. Dessert – if you reallllllly need one – order it. But make sure it’s a favourite. The thing is if you restrict yourself ALL the time you will only eat more of other foods to compensate. I always go for the richest in flavour like a dark chocolate because I know it will hit the spot and won’t send me spiralling!


To be honest I don’t see the point in decaf. I think you can totally taste the difference.

To me coffee is something I drink for pleasure not for necessity.

The key here is what do you use it for?

Coffee tastes great but if you drink it other than black these are the calories you’re consuming:

Medium Cappuccino: 150

Medium Latte: 190

This isn’t an issue if it’s factored into your allowance but I see so many people drinking their calories in lattes rather than good food.

My second point is caffeine consumption. Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant and can be used to help wake us up and focus. However, over time we can become dependent and our bodies adrenal glands can slow down as they are ‘not needed’ OR we have worked them so hard with stress (see other post) they can’t do anything. Caffeine CAN play a big part in slower metabolisms and tiredness despite its fat loss claims.

So as always I say enjoy in moderation but learn to be more mindful of what and why you’re drinking it!

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