Ignite that fire & get motivated for 2019…

Have you already set your goals for 2019 or are you lacking the motivation to sit down & plan your next steps?

If you’ve already set yourself some clear goals, then brilliant, now break these down and set a plan for how you’re going to achieve them. However, if like me you’ve been struggling to find the motivation to set your 2019 goals then here’s what I did…

I found that other people’s goals, wanting to look a certain way, wanting to beat someone else, lifting a particular weight or gaining a certain amount of likes on social media just didn’t motivate me! It’s not to say that these things won’t motivate me at other times or won’t motivate you in some way, but they just didn’t light that fire beneath me to want to strive for success! These things just weren’t enough to give me the drive I needed to want to progress forward & set my goals!

It wasn’t until I looked back through photos on my phone of 2018 that I discovered what really motivates me. The camera roll contained images of my physique, memories and unforgettable experiences. It was then I realised that what really motivates me is wanting to continuously better myself. I wanted to improve & progress, setting new PBs across my whole life; social, physical, mental & work.

It was only at this stage I was able to set my goals to improve my physique, to have success competing, to visit new places, have new experiences, improve the quality of time with my family and grow my business!

So my top tip to you if you’re struggling with motivation to set your goals is to look back at your 2018 triumphs, failures and memories, and use these to push you forward to make 2019 your best year yet!

If you’re wanting that extra help in the New Year then why not start online coaching with me – You’ll get the guidance, motivation and support you need to succeed!

I hope you had a great Christmas and have a very happy New Year!


Merry Christmas – Remember Calories Don’t Count

You’ve worked hard all year being strict with your nutrition, trying to optimise your lifestyle and putting in the graft in the gym, that you have definitely earnt a couple of days off.

The philosophy “calories don’t count at Christmas” is something we like to use when it comes to Christmas and Boxing Day. However, this is dependant on whether you have had this same philosophy the whole year or not. Unfortunately, the calories obviously do count, but we like to say that you can eat and drink what you wish and just enjoy yourself for these two days. It isn’t as if you are going to undo all your hard work over just 48 hours and it isn’t as it one big Christmas dinner is going to put back on all the fat you’ve spent months to lose or lose all those gains you’ve made.

So go and enjoy yourself today and tomorrow guilt free. No one wants to be counting calories or be judged for what they eat every single day of the year. Just chill out, if you fancy eating it, then go for it.

The only rule is – Don’t make yourself eat and drink for the sake if it. Some extra calories won’t undo all your hard work, but a huge binge can cause mental and physical issues. So don’t attempt to eat everything in sight, just because it’s there.

Anyway, enough talking calories, as after all they don’t even count today! Now go and enjoy Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from The Chase Perfection Team

Shoulder Workout

Give this Shoulder workout a go from Tim!


Before starting the session ensure that you are properly warmed up, properly hydrated and had sufficient nutrition to fuel this workout! Unless stated perform each rep with a 3010 tempo & rest between 60-120 seconds between sets! The numbers in brackets are the number of reps to aim for each set, so adjust the weights accordingly! DB = Dumbbell

A) Plate Loaded Shoulder Press (4×6-8) (1×20)


If you don’t have access to a plate loaded shoulder press then use a machine shoulder press! Reduce the weight for the last set.


B) Seated DB Lat Raise to Front Raise (4×8-10)


Sit on the end of a bench with DBs by your side! Raise the DBs out to the side to shoulder height for the lateral Raise, return them to start position. Raise the DBs in front to shoulder height ending with palms facing the floor for the front raise. Try to keep the weight the same on each set, resting when you need.


C1) Machine Lat Raise (4×12-15) – 5010 Temp


Set up the machine so your elbows are at 90 degrees and in line with the pads! Lower the weight for 5 seconds each rep!


Superset with…


C2) Cable Straight Bar Facepull (4×16-20)


Use a wide bar attachment if you have one. Grip over shoulder width apart with palms facing down. Pull bar to your forehead, focusing on using your rear delts (Back of your shoulders)


D) Wide Smith Machine Upright Row (15/12/10/8)


Grip bar over shoulder width apart. Aim to increase the weight each set. Try to keep your traps relaxed.


E) Reverse Flye Machine (4×12-15)


Use a vertical grip with hands at shoulder height!

Give this workout a go and let me know how you get on!


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