200 Rep - Press Up Pull Up Challenge - CHASE PERFECTION

200 Rep – Press Up Pull Up Challenge

press up pull up challenge

Now this is a simple one that will get your lunges blowing and chest/back pumped in seconds! All you have to do is perform 200 reps in one go – Simple!

The rules are straight forward…

Reach a total of 200 reps as fast as you can by only performing press ups and pull ups. Perform as many press ups as you can in one go, then go straight into pull ups. Then go straight back into press ups, then pull ups and repeat this cycle until you reach a total of 200 reps of both exercises combined.

For the press ups go for hand just over shoulder width apart and for the pull ups go for an overhand grip just over shoulder width.

Check out Tim’s go at the challenge:

200 REP PRESS UP PULL CHALLENGE VIDEOpress up pull up challenge

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